Tuning and spare parts

Tuning, upgrade and spare parts for electric scooters, bicycles and other vehicles.

Tuning, upgrade and spare parts

Useful links to places where you can order spare parts for our vehicles, from small models to monsters under 50kg. You can find almost anything you want on serial and custom vehicles. Links to e-shops, aliexpress and people selling their products.

Usefulness from aliexpress: https://bit.ly/2DVyl1d

Dualtron, Kaabo, Zero, Kugoo

Tuning, upgrade and spare parts

Different countries

https://eucsale.com/ - scooters and spare parts (discounts for us, contact for clarification)

https://dualtron-rus.ru/ - tuning for Dualtron, Kaabo, Kugoo, Zero (discounts for us, contact for clarification)

https://fastride.fr/en/ - spare parts and scooters with a large assortment: dualtron, currus, weped and others, not cheap

https://www.carbonrevo.com/ - very stylish tuning for powerful scooters

Ninebot and Xiaomi

Tuning, upgrade and spare parts


https://www.shift.lt/en/ - spare parts for scooters, monorim suspension

https://xiaomipaspirtukai.lt/ - monorim suspension

https://vilda.lt/ - folding clamps and tongues on xiaomi

https://www.m365dash.com/ - on-board computer for m365 and pro


https://m365.embedden.com/ - Rita adapter for additional battery for xiaomi m365 and pro, soon there will be Ninebot G30 as well. There are also sets of battery, bag. (Instruction — https://youtu.be/RYorydL1bFc)

https://scootermode.eu/ - assembling custom batteries both in the bag and in the bottom of scooters, you can order anything.

https://mybestscooter.eu - a lot of things for Xiaomi and Ninebot: adapters, monorims, fenders and other spare parts, 2 promotional codes for a 5% discount "WELCOME5" and "MAY5"


https://www.curiousjoe.se/ - a lot of goodies for xiaomi, ninebot. Including custom boards for the deck.


https://www.kroxne.com/ is the official representative of Monorim in Europe. Recently, controllers, wheel motors and batteries under 48v for xiaomi have appeared. You can buy any tuning gadgets for xiaokat and nightboat from them.


https://www.m365store.fr/ - goodies for Xiaomi, Ninebot


https://vtaescooter.co.uk/ - custom controllers, wheel motor covers and many other interesting things are in stock.

https://berryboards.co.uk/ - custom boards for xiao, max, kugo, caabo, zero.

Social media and documents

https://www.youtube.com/user/Alexandr099 - useful YouTube channel

https://t.me/ninebot_max - Telegram channel

[ PDF ] - a memo for the owners of the Ninebot Max G30 electric scooter

Controllers, Platforms, Batteries and BMS

Tuning, upgrade and spare parts

Different countries

https://nucular.tech - a platform for creating light electric vehicles (LEV)

https://kellycontroller.com/shop/kbs-x/ - controllers from Kelly

http://shop.crystalyte-europe.com/home.php?cat=271 - controllers from Infinion

https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ALmaDx - 75V200A Dual Motor Controller - overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl3H312lkOQ

http://www.chinameige.com/ - controller bundle with triggers

https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AAcE81 - smart BMS

https://eu.nkon.nl/ - batteries at good prices

Goodies from aliexpress: https://bit.ly/2DVyl1d